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Book Design

Have you ever seen a book cover with overlapping images and texts that you can’t figure out how to read the title? How about opening a book with great horror when you saw texts placed all over the page or dumped over images? Oh please, don’t mention the book! I know it’s a disaster and I don’t want these things to happen to your book. You can avail my services below:

Fill out the form.

After placing an order, please fill out the form. If you are still looking for an illustrator, you can provide us first the ISBN or other copyright information before we proceed to the next step.

However, if the author has the final illustrations already, we can do the cover design first.

Provide book template

We provide you an initial book template with the final line art from your illustrator and the manuscript you will give us. It is an editable PSD file from which your illustrator can see safety areas where texts and illustrations can be placed.

Note: A general template is available for download on the Resources page that you can give to your illustrator for the interior illustrations.

Make cover design

Kindly provide the final illustrations, book summary, and book blurb for back cover. Then we will do research and studies to create the best cover for your book. We may even send you a number of cover studies which you can choose from. Then, we will call for a meeting to do a final review before we send you the Cover 3D Mockup.

Do cover formatting.

We usually do cover formatting first so you can pre-order online ahead for Print on Demand. We just need the ISBN, pricing for the barcode, and the name of the publisher/printer to provide you a PDF Cover ready for upload.

Design and format book interior.

In order for us to design and format the interior pages of your book, we need a copy of your digital book dummy. It is the entire book that has the text, page numbers, and the illustrations. Along with that, the total number of pages of your book must also be indicated.

Send the source files

Once all the files are ready, we will send you the complete source files of your books which are included in the Book Design Package.

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