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KDP Tutorial

KDP means Kindle Direct Publishing. It is an Amazon self-publishing platform that allows you to create and manage your Kindle eBook, paperback, and audio books in a single pace.

  1. In Print ISBN, tick “Use my own ISBN.” Type your ISBN number inside the box. Then in the second box, type your Imprint (name of your publisher or where you purchased the ISBN).

  2. Then add your Publication Date. However, if it’s your first time publishing this book, leave this blank.

  3. Then in Print Options, choose your preferred interior and paper type, trim size or the book size, bleed settings, and paperback cover finish.

  4. After adding the details in Print Options, you can now upload your manuscript by clicking “Upload paperback manuscript” button. Make sure your manuscript is in PDF format.

  5. After uploading your manuscript, upload your book cover file in PDF by clicking the “Upload your cover file.” Tick the box below if your book cover already has a barcode, otherwise leave it unticked. Amazon will provide you a barcode.

  6. Then in Book Preview, click “Launch Previewer” to double check the book you’ve uploaded and see if details are correct.

  7. Once done, click “Save and Continue” to proceed.


Note:  In publishing your book through KDP, you can find the whole process here:

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