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10 Reasons Why Hiring a Professional Book Designer is Essential for Your Publishing Project

Updated: Feb 9

After writing your story or manuscript, it’s now time to decide how your book should look. Storybooks usually have illustrations while other manuscripts need some images. Nevertheless, with or without illustrations, every book must be designed. The only question is, “Is it designed professionally or not?”

The two elements of book design are the cover and layout designs. You can hire two separate persons to do these jobs: one who will do the cover design and the other who will layout the book.

However, you can hire one person to do a seamless design for both cover and layout.  Do you know what they are called? Yes, a professional book designer. We say professional, because your book designer must have been in this profession for quite some time. That’s why I think you’re in the right place.

So, why get a professional book designer?

Let me give you 10 reasons:

They have an eye for good book design.

Working with different authors and book genres, professional book designers have become knowledgeable about book designs over time. Their eyes are trained to recognize good and bad book designs. With that, they also know what works best for your story or manuscript.


Basically, a good book design has great book cover and layout that will attract not just your eyes but your interest to read and see more. However, a bad book design is usually hard to notice because you always pass them by. Or it may be one that disguises itself with a good book cover but will soon disappoint you when you start turning the pages… and you do not want that to happen to your book nor even want to buy one like that.  


They know what grabs buyers’ attention.

What usually grabs the buyer’s attention? Of course, the book cover. Like what was said a while ago, a good book cover creates an interest to its target buyer. It should have something that will make your target market grab the book and put it in his cart. Or if it’s online, just seeing the cover will make them add it to their cart.


Aesthetic. A professional book designer knows what attracts your target market. It is even better if you choose a book designer who has an expertise on your genre. Book designers also have their own styles and expertise. A gentle advice: Better check their previous works.


They are good in product packaging.

A good story needs a good packaging. A great book doesn’t only have an aesthetic layout and cover; it should capture the story inside! And professional book designers are good at that. They interpret the story or your manuscript through the design elements which you can see on the cover or on the layout.


Good product packaging also enhances the market value and the quality of the book, attracting potential readers and buyers.


They work with a professional team.

It is very important to have a professional team whom you can partner with in designing your books. Aside from the aesthetics of the book inside and out, you have to make sure that texts are perfectly laid out, too. Thus, a book designer must have a competent team who knows typography, graphic arts, color theory, and proofreading. And usually, professional book designers have that.


They are worth your money.

Getting a professional book designer may cost a bit, but they are worth every penny. If you want to save, however, get a publisher who can do all these for you and who will just give you royalties in return. But, of course, if you are exploring self-publishing and needing extra help in designing your books, hiring professional book designers is the best choice. Remember, they will be your partners in bringing your story or manuscript to life!


It’s better to get professional book designers and be overly satisfied with the outcome than live in regret later because you’re trying to save so much. Remember it’s your baby book that is about to be born! It deserves the best.


They meet deadlines.

Yes, professional book designers do! They are committed to meet the deadline you give them for two reasons: first, this is because they want to give their excellence and please you as their client. Second, this is also because they have other projects to work on and they don’t want to cause any delay to their projects as well.


They create good branding to your books.

Branding. Of course, avid readers become particular with the book designs of their favorite authors. Take Sally Rooney as an example. If you check her novels, you will find her covers simple with text and yet instagrammable that her readers become familiar with it. Her readers easily figure out if the book on the shelf is by Sally Rooney or not in just a glance.


Hiring professional book designers can help you create your own branding as an author.


They are good partners.

Yes, they are. It’s a good etiquette to help and support fellow members of the book industry, and book designers are one of them. Besides, they will help you achieve your goals in the long run as they keep designing your books. You will grow as an author as you work along with them.


They can work with print books or e-books.

One more good thing about working with professional book designers is they can do both print books and e-books. So, if you want your print book to go digital, just tell it to your book designer so they can work on it.


They will treat your book as their own.

This is the best part. Professional book designers don’t design books just to earn money; they do it for pleasure and they are passionate about it. Earning money from their passion is onlu a bonus. Usually, professional book designers are born creative and creators. They just become professionals as they keep enhancing their gifts, and it took them years!


So, you are in good hands.

Where can you get a professional book designer?

You have 3 options in getting a professional book designer:

Send your story or manuscript to a publisher.

When you have a publisher, there’s nothing you need to worry about. They have their own teams for editorial, layout and design, and marketing who can help you with your book. They will take care of your story from end to end. They will edit your work, design and layout the book from cover to cover, provide illustrations (if needed), print, market, and sell it. However, the only thing you need is to have them approve your submission to publish your manuscript.

Get a recommendation.

Being in the book industry, I’m sure you have friends who have published books already. Ask if they can recommend a good book designer for you, or maybe they can recommend the one who designed their book to you (only if you like how they designed your friend’s book 😊).


Try Saflor Designs.

She is a great book designer who once worked in a publishing company and now resorted to have her own design services. Her field of expertise is designing children’s books and her services are now patronized by international authors and writers. To check her works, visit

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